Arguing with your parents is perfectly natural for teenagers. From your being on your phone too much, to the time you have to come inside from seeing friends. It is normal for teens to argue with their parents and it will most likely pass. In the meantime, remember to argue fairly, argue respectfully and argue only when needed. It might be hard to stay in control while arguing with parents, but it will certainly give you a stringer relationship if you can. So here are some tips to help you along.
Argue Fairly
• Allowing each to speak their mind.
• Don’t interrupt others when they are speaking.
• Don’t bring other people in the argument for support.
• Stay on the topic at hand. Bringing up past arguments or issues will not help anyone move forward.
• Try to suggest compromises that way you will show your parents that you have thought about the issue and are trying to sort things for yourself.
Remain Respectful
• Don’t shout try and keep your voice lowered at all times.
• Remain calm.
• Don’t allow yourself to get angry and become physical such as ripping, kicking, throwing or hitting anything.
• Make a case for your side of the story and remain rational, explaining the reasons why you feel the way you do, or your opinions.
• Stay and work it out. Running of and slamming doors doesn’t help make any point other than that you are acting immaturely.
Arguing with parents is part of being a teenager, but out of control arguments don’t serve anyone well. If you can remain calm, speak rationally and defend your points well then you and your parents will get on much better.
Before you have an argument with your parents, decide what type of person you want to be and what compromises you are willing to make, to achieve your goals. Ask yourself is it worth it and pick your battles well. Do this each time and you might well avoid arguing altogether.