What is a crush
A crush, unlike a relationship, is not a two-way street. Often, you’ll realize that you feel a strong attraction to someone you barely know, for reasons you don’t really understand, and that this, in all of its glory, is a crush.
What does a crush look like?

Even if you know better, falling hard for a crush can be unavoidable. Signs of a killer crush include:
• Feeling embarrassed when they pay any attention to you.
• Wanting to be near them, even if you don’t know their name
• Wanting to find out as much as you can about them and looking for signings of your compatibility.
• Changing what you are doing to be near them.
• Reacting nervously when you are physically close to them.
• Obsessing for hours about what your future would be like with them.
So how do we cope?
Living with a crush can be hard work, where you can struggle to concentrate on things, or your eating is affected and even sleep. To get some perspective here are some tips for you to consider:
• Talk to a close friend and ask them to distract you.
• Throw yourself into schoolwork to make sure you don’t fall behind.
• Take up a new hobby that will get you out of the house and get you moving.
• Give yourself enough time alone to fantasise about your crush, but don’t let it interfere with your real life.