1 11, 2018

Sleep Deprivation

November 1st, 2018|Blog|

Sleep deprivation can have a very negative effect on the mind and body, including the way in which it functions and processes information. There are a number of different symptoms that are associated with sleep deprivation, although [...]

11 08, 2018

How can I keep myself safe online and on my phone?

August 11th, 2018|Blog|

Don't say or do anything online that you wouldn’t in person. Set all online profiles as private as they can be. If you receive any abusive, threatening or harassing comments, posts, or texts, keep a record [...]

21 07, 2018

Had to give this poet a hug after reading these

July 21st, 2018|Blog|

  This incredible Poet was writing these on the streets of Birmingham and I found them so inspirational that I wanted to share them with you. We can all learn from these. Enjoy!

14 07, 2018

When was the last time you really belly laughed?

July 14th, 2018|Blog|

Health Benefits of Laughter Laughter therapy being incorporated into medicine is a clear indication that it has real health benefits, which can be divided into physiological, psychological and emotional benefits. Physiological Benefits Pain relief Boosts immunity through [...]

9 07, 2018

Our incredible Ambassador Josh (Smiiffy) talks frankly about his personal journey with mental health.

July 9th, 2018|Blog|

9 07, 2018

Check out our new training facilities

July 9th, 2018|Blog|

We have secured very prestigious offices for all of our training courses and workshops. A huge thanks to the incredible John Newcomb, Chief Executive and Jo Exeter of the Builders Merchants Federation for your incredible support.  [...]

28 06, 2018

Lets talk Emotional Resilience

June 28th, 2018|Blog|

So there is lots of talk about Emotional Resilience for our children and young people. What does it mean though and how important is it that children are armed with good levels of it to ensure [...]

12 06, 2018

Are you aware of the risks of IMVU App?

June 12th, 2018|Blog|

Everyone needs to know that IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a 3-D chat world site and App that has lots of adult content. The most explicit content (such as nudity and sexual images) is restricted [...]

2 06, 2018

Check out today’s Daily Express Magazine

June 2nd, 2018|Blog|

We are in the national press again, in the Saturday Express magazine, thanks to our amazing Patron Kate. A huge thanks Kate for taking the the time out for Tappy Twins and CKA18.

27 05, 2018

Check us out on Solihull Radio today between 4 and 6pm

May 27th, 2018|Blog|

The fabulous Leigh Perry is having us as her guest today. Two of our amazing Ambassadors will also be joining us - Nicholas Bailey and Stephan Pierre Mitchell.  We will be talking about the Courageous Kids [...]