Lets talk Emotional Resilience

So there is lots of talk about Emotional Resilience for our children and young people. What does it mean though and how important is it that children are armed with good levels of it to ensure [...]

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Are you aware of the risks of IMVU App?

Everyone needs to know that IMVU (Instant Messaging Virtual Universe) is a 3-D chat world site and App that has lots of adult content. The most explicit content (such as nudity and sexual images) is restricted [...]

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Check out today’s Daily Express Magazine

We are in the national press again, in the Saturday Express magazine, thanks to our amazing Patron Kate. A huge thanks Kate for taking the the time out for Tappy Twins and CKA18.

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Check us out on Solihull Radio today between 4 and 6pm

The fabulous Leigh Perry is having us as her guest today. Two of our amazing Ambassadors will also be joining us - Nicholas Bailey and Stephan Pierre Mitchell.  We will be talking about the Courageous Kids [...]

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So How Does Anger Affect You?

Check out this video to find out how anger affects you.

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Struggling to Sleep at Night?

Then here are our Friday Tips on creating a sleep friendly bedroom: Avoid TV - watching tv in bed before you are trying to sleep stimulates the mind when it needs to calm instead Sleep props [...]

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Please give a warm welcome to our latest Ambassador

A huge thanks to the fabulous Nicholas Bailey for agreeing to be an Ambassador for Tappy Twins and our Courageous Kids Awards. He has also kindly agreed to be a judge as well as the Key [...]

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We are in the news again

A huge thanks to our amazing Patron Kate and My Weekly for covering the important work we do, as part of an exclusive story about Kate Ford.  Thanks Kate it is very much appreciated.  

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Our Survival Guide for your GCSE’s

So the day is nearly here for thousands of young people starting their GCSE's. No doubt you will all be cramming as much revision in between your exams. So we thought we would share our tips [...]

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So lovely to receive these testimonials today

Well done Wendy for receiving these testimonials today: Quote from mother of a 13 year old after sessions for bullying issues at school and self-esteem “She's overcome her panic attacks and for the first time ever [...]

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