Dealing with Grief

Grief is a mix of emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, frustration, fear and anxiety that occurs whenever we experience a loss or are anticipating a loss. You could feel very conflicted at times where your feelings are very intense; which feels even more overwhelming.

If you have lost someone you care about it can be a very confusing time. The thing to remember is that there is no time limit, or right ways that you should feel or act. The way you feel is important and you should express your grief in the best way for you.

Reactions you may experience:

  • Wanting to spend time alone
  • Fear of what will happen to you or your family
  • Pretending nothing has happened
  • No one understands how you feel or what you are going through, which makes you feel lonely
  • Wanting everything to be normal and wishing your life didn’t have to change
  • Not wanting to think about it all the time and wish you could have some fun
  • Wanting to make amends, say ‘goodbye’ or ‘I love you’ but unsure how

Important things to do to help the healing process:

  • Don’t isolate yourself
  • Voice your feelings and thoughts
  • Allow the time and space you need to grieve in your own way
  • Share your story as often as you need
  • Find a close friend that will be there for you when you are down or up
  • Speak to an adult that will listen to you and support you
  • Support your body with plenty of rest and eat healthy
  • Exercise and get out from being indoors
  • Ask questions and be involved in the planning if you want
  • Allow others to care about you
  • Take a break from grief and give yourself permission to have fun and be with friends
  • If you are feeling overwhelmed at school, ask your teachers for extra time with homework

Ask for professional help when you need it – we are here to listen and help you anytime you need to chat

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Age 13

I have found the sessions so useful. Things are starting to feel a little better.

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Age 14

After losing my mum things got really bad for me. You have really helped me feel stronger