What is self-esteem?

Self-esteem is about how you feel, and the thoughts you have, about yourself. If you were asked to write a list of all the ways you would describe yourself, what would you say? Would your list be filled with lots of positive statements such as:

  • ‘I am a great team player’
  • ‘I am smart’
  • ‘I am a good friend’

Or would your list have more negative statements like:

  • ‘I am rubbish at sports’
  • ‘I’m no good at Science’
  • ‘I can’t seem to do anything right’

Chances are your list would include both types of statements – just like most people’s lists do! Some days you might feel really good about yourself, and other days, nothing seems right. There are lots of factors that can influence this but the good news is there are many things you can do to work towards having higher self-esteem most of the time.

Why is self-esteem so important?

People with healthy self-esteem:

  • In general feel good about themselves and what they achieve
  • The things they do well make them feel proud in themselves
  • Areas they are not pleased about can be put into perspective and not impact them greatly
  • Can feel confident to try new things and challenge themselves
  • Have no real fear of failure

People with low or unhealthy self-esteem will:

  • Focus more on their perceived faults, failures and lack of success
  • Will overlook their successes or minimise the areas of their lives they have achieved great things
  • Won’t want to try new things or meet new people

Check out these songs to help boost your self-esteem:

So What Can You Do to Change Yours?

  • Celebrating your successes-and feel proud of what you achieve
  • Surrounding yourself with good and positive friends–hang around people who you feel comfortable and good around.
  • Being a good friend yourself– try to help your family and friends see the things they do well
  • Going easy on yourself–if things don’t go the way you planned, try to find a way of doing things differently next time
  • Doing what you love– Make sure you fit in some quality time for the things that you want to do
  • Trying new things– you will never know what you can achieve until you give it a go
  • Being able to walk away– when you find yourself in an uncomfortable position that threatens your self-esteem, consider walking away.
  • Enjoying special times– Feeling connected to others and happy in your important relationships is a big contributor to feeling good about yourself
  • Accepting yourself for who you are– Remember that inner strength comes from trying and learning, doing your best, and sticking to what you believe in – it doesn’t come from doing things right every time
  • Working out what is really worth caring about– just being able to say ‘So what?’, ‘It doesn’t matter today’, or ‘I don’t need to care about that’, can relieve a lot of pressure and worry

Check out these songs to help boost your self-esteem:

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Age 14

I feel much stronger since talking to you and able to ignore what people say

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Age 13

This led to my increase in self belief and now I strive to achieve better things with your help

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